The International University of Catalonia and the Hestia Foundation, collaborates to promote teaching and clinical research in the field of socio-health care.

Hestia 2021 Awards’ Call

The Hestia 2021 Awards are the fourth organized and promoted call for awards by the Hestia Foundation and the Hestia Chair in Integrated Social and Health Care of the International University of Catalonia (UIC Barcelona). Following the established line. We intend to recognize the best initiatives in the field of research in the socio-sanitary or…


Best Degree Theses 2019-2020

During the beginning of the university course 2019-2020, meetings of directors of the Hestia Chair were held with the Deans of Health Sciences degrees, in order for the latter to share the verdict on the best work of Fi de Grau presented in their specialization. The awards correspond to the best note and valuation of…


Moving towards integrated health and social care


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Dr. Xavier Corbella


Miquel Fernández_r2_c2

Dr. Miquel Fernández

Colaborador de investigación

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Sara Ríos

Gestora de proyectos



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